Thursday, March 5, 2015

Non-Ejaculating for Men & the Enormous Benefits

Non-Ejaculating for Men & the enormous benefits

I have seen a growing Interest in several FB groups on non-ejaculating and as such, I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on this particular subject.
I haven’t had what most people consider to be a standard, contact based ejaculation for quite some time. As as result, I have experienced so many benefits. These benefits have directly affected my energy levels as well as my overall awareness. The longer I continue to prevent ejaculation, the more my energy and awareness levels continue to grow. It is also increasing the intensity of my orgasms as well. I want to share, through my personal experiences, what the benefits I have noticed by avoiding ejaculating during various sexual activities.

The Benefits:
  • -      More overall energy
  • -      Deeper, more restful sleep
  • -      Improved overall health
  • -      Dramatically increased sexual stamina and performance
  • -      Heightened awareness in regard to my sexual desires
  • -      Increased happiness in all aspects of my life and reduced stress levels
  • -      Greater sense of self confidence and a desire to push myself beyond previous limitations
  • -      Easier to resist being pulled into world and relationship drama
  • -      Greater sense of center within my core (belly) and with my thoughts
  • -      The Ability to experience longer, more intense orgasms from multiple forms of stimulation
  • -      Increased sexual energy and understanding of the sexual energies of myself and others
  • -      Greater understanding and ability to manipulate and play with my own inner energy
  • -      My Lingam is now extremely sensitive giving me the ability to identify the various sensitive spots within a woman; this is increasing true for women that I have regular intercourse with.

Learning how to be sexually active without ejaculating is not easy. I have had my share of difficulties in the beginning and I want to share a few of those difficulties with you now.

  • -      When I first began practicing sex without climaxing, the sexual energy would not go away. Instead, it would stay trapped within me and would begin to mess with my head and my emotions. I would become easily frustrated, restless and short tempered. It seemed as if my day would begin and end with a headache that just would not go away. The women I dated did not take to kindly to my desires to prevent ejaculation either. They were not able to be fully satisfied and they began to experience the same headaches, restlessness and frustration as I did. This caused me to give up and start ejaculating again during sex, which I will admit was pretty nice at the time.
  • -      Blue balls. Any man who is physically mature enough for sex knows what this is and how painful it can be.
  • -          It was also difficult to explain to women that I did not want to ejaculate and that it had nothing to do with them.

I know there are two big questions most of you are going to have:
-      How did I get the hang of it?
-      How did I learn not to ejaculate and start getting all these benefits?

The answer is going to surprise most of you. It was by pure accident. I was having sex with one of my former partners, who would go absolutely wild when she had anal sex and wanted me to engage in anal sex with her. I am not a prude, but was a little thrown off by this and was trying to figure out how anal sex would really benefit me?

Note: Unfortunately, it is a big taboo for heterosexual men to play with their ass. My hope is that by being open about this, more men will become accepting about the idea of anal stimulation and sex, both through giving and receiving. The benefits and orgasms of this are endless. By following my blogs, articles and TAO you can easily learn. The benefits are not only for you, your wife and female partners will benefit sexually (and in daily life) big time….!!!! And before anyone jumps to any misplaced conclusion about me, yes I am Hetero!!!!

I went to de Slaunge for a prostate massage. After I bought a prostate massage toy; G Rider from Nexus, plugs etc. etc. I went to Maya (shemale) from TNT ( for help learning what to do, how to do it and to understand the meaning behind it. I practiced alone a lot at first. In the beginning I didn’t really feel to much other than a pressure within my anus, but out of the blue it started to get really great! I was suddenly getting increasingly horny and the orgasms I was experiencing without ejaculating were nothing short of amazing.

Finally, I got to the point where I wanted to engage in anal sex (to me)with women. I followed several workshops with TNT and began dating several women within the TNT network. The women within TNT have a deep desire for men who do not ejaculate. The reason for this is because typically, men who do not ejaculate have greater stamina and sexual performance than those who do not resist the urge to ejaculate. The women I am with now engage in anal play with me and they feel the differences as well.

One major factor that I credit to my success is the art of TAO. Through it I learned to circulate my inner energy (micro orbit) as well as direct my energies (8 elements). The 8 elements focus primarily on the Belly. Through this understanding I have found the ability to deeper, longer, stronger orasims and awareness.

To be honest, there is so much more to tell and learn and I want to share my experience and knowledge with those who also wish to learn. I will also explain more about my experiences with anal play and how I was able to use it to my advantage.

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